professional furniture restoration and paint removal services

From domestic homes shops schools churches buiding tradesmen commercial or industrial levels are all catered for here at multistrip

Please note; ( an insight to paint stripping.! )
Any Hardwooden product or water based paints, lacquers or varnish could not be stripped by using caustic tank dipping methods.! Please be aware of this. More advise on offer if required please ask..

All furniture work / stripping carried out at Multistrip is completed by hand  to give that extra professional service.

We offer all services from heated swirl pool caustic chemical dip tank, cool swirl dip tank, shallow wall tank , three sizes of dipping tanks available, four types of hand applied chemicals (non -caustic). This method is time saving and economical , a powerful wood aluminium or steel stripper for all types of paint removal and varnish finishes, a powerful and efficient option that is used by our craftsmen and professionals. without sub-merging products into a tank for a period of time minimising any swelling or cracking.

Applications - (softwood)
Caustic tank stripping is designed for soft wood products (pine or steel, cast iron) mainly used for the stripping of wooden doors.

Applications - (hardwood)
Water soluble chemicals used to stop bleaching of darkening of wood if used conventional caustic methods which can damage any hard wooden surface.

Applications - furniture/doors.
Placed on our large chemical washed down table , spray applied or brush applied. Hand stripped removal of any paints. Process is re-applied depending on coats-thickness build up of paints.

specialising in all types of hardwood oak and other ornate furniture


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